Queen Elizabeth

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The film I chose for the extra credit was, Elizabeth. This film starts off with the process in which Princess Elizabeth becomes Queen of England, Ireland, and France. The audience becomes familiar with the main characters. Elizabeth is the half sister of Mary I, the Queen of England. After, her sister dies; Elizabeth becomes Queen of England and has to deal with new issues that arise upon her throne. Throughout the film the audiences see the transformations Elizabeth goes through. From an innocent young lady in love with her childhood friend to a woman devoted to her only love, England.

During the film, there are many historical issues raised. After Edward VI’s death, his will demonstrated his uncertainty with his sisters becoming Queen of England. The film captivates Mary I, as the queen, but dying slowly and having no choice, but to allow Elizabeth to be next in line for the throne. Another historical issue was the idea of Elizabeth marrying and having an heir to her throne. It was important because as queen, Elizabeth needed to marry someone, a duke form another country to settle a relationship. Queen Elizabeth never marries, although she has many proposals in the film. The Catholic issue does come up in the film. The Catholic Church did not want Elizabeth to reign because she was illegitimate under the English Church, but later the bishops agreed to vote and allow her to be Supreme Governor of the Church of England. The film portrays how people did not want her as queen, but Elizabeth managed to overcome her obstacles.

The filmmaker focused on the historical issues and at the same time focused on the entertainment part. The filmmaker focused on Elizabeth’s love life. This would be more entertaining for the audience to see. Throughout the film the audience can see the love she feels towards Lord Robert Dudley. The filmmaker also focuses on historical issues like the views of other people from other countries from having an illegitimate daughter...