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To BBC Productions,

I believe we can make a better ending then what was done to date. I am of course talking about Rome and Juliet. Our version will be impeccable. Let me talk about the cast first.

I selected Ashton Kutcher (as he appeared in 2008) as Romeo as he played a couple Romeo like characters. E.g. Randy in New Year’s Eve. He was struggling and alone, until a woman came along, and they fell in love. There is also an appropriate age difference with the Juliette actress – 11 years. He also has the appearance of how I would imagine Romeo - tall, unconfident, and young.

I selected Hayden Panettiere as Juliette due to her previous roles, and her looks. She looks exactly like I imagined Juliette – petite, blond, and innocent.  She has the perfect look to be Juliette, and she took part in romantic movies before, as well as cartoons like Alpha and Omega. Therefore she is the perfect choice for this role.

Next, the costumes will be modern, so that the viewer would be to connect to the story. Juliette would be wearing a simple silk black dress. But Romeo would be wearing a black Abercrombie & Fitch T-shirt, which says Abercrombie on it, as well as loose fit dark blue jeans, and dark gray sneakers. All colors will be dark. This will convey the sadness of the scene. It will make the viewer want to cry, yet it will be beautiful in its own way.

I also believe that classical music should accompany this scene, as any other would be distracting, and unnecessary. It would also convey the message much better, than any other, as all others would need words. The music will be played as long as there is someone who is alive in the chamber, however, if no one is there, or alive, the music would not be played. Doing so would let the viewer feel the importance of those two lives, and their deaths.

Side lighting will be used at the beginning, when Romeo is still alive, after which point the lighting will go dark(except for the candles), and as Juliette wakes up she...