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A Team’s Dynamics

In order to effectively manage our team dynamics, our team must maintain two key qualities of mutual understanding and trust. These qualities are important to us because in maintaining these two ideas, we will be successful in understanding the perspectives of others and keeping an even calm within the group. Not to say there will never be any conflict, but by keeping these in mind, we will certainly lessen the negative impact of conflict in our group.

As far as roles within our group are concerned, everybody should be able to get a taste of everything. By assigning one leader and giving them control over the course of an entire project, it tends to belittle the ideas and contributions of others. As a result, team A will allow every individual to step up and be a leader when they feel that they have something great to contribute or manage at any given time. So as far as interchangeable roles are concerned, there are four that everyone will fill simultaneously:

• Leader (essentially the group manager)

• Scribe (takes physical or mental notes on what is going on)

• Lessons Tracker (was has worked or hasn’t worked in the past)

• Challenger (changes the perspective view in attempts to gather deeper understanding)

Now that the roles for our group have been defined, it must be mentioned how these roles can counter the major problems that can arise in any group:

Firstly, the problem of “Groupthink” occurs a lot. This is when a member of the team simply goes along with their team despite the fact that they may have a great idea. However, this person may be so shy or opposed to conflict, that they never wish to share their ideas they have. This problem however, is countered by the challenger who should give rise to the possible thoughts or perspectives of others thereby giving any group thinkers the courage to agree and share their thoughts.

Secondly, “Dominant Personalities” can be a problem within a group in the way that these people...