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I have passion for marketing ever since I was a junior in high school. I started reading books about branding by Martin Lindstrom, watching videos about the art of marketing on TED and reading articles about some companies’ marketing strategies. I was engrossed in the techniques that several marketers spread viral videos on the Internet and the way they collect customers’ feedback on their products. I believe that marketing, if supported by finance, is the greatest driving force of a company and with that passion and vision, I decide to choose marketing as my major. My internship last year at marketing department of Knight Frank proves to me more clearly that marketing is what I want to pursue as my career. I enjoyed organizing sales and networking events with customers, helping out with ordering corporate merchandise and doing market research for press releases.

When I talked to my parents in Vietnam about my career choice, I did not have their support at first. My parents think that marketing is about understanding people and culture; hence, as an international student, I will have difficulty doing marketing in America. However, with my ability to adapt to the new environment and mingle with local people, I believe that this is not a big problem for me. There will be certain aspects of culture here that I have not known yet, I am willing to take extra effort to learn more American culture and people while I am in college.

This degree in Business Administration with concentration in marketing and finance is a turning point for both my academic progress and personal growth. I wish to work for marketing consulting department in a management consulting firm or become a market analyst in the future. I will try to make the best use of what I study in college and networking opportunities around me to contribute to the company I work for.