Organizational Behavior/Mental Model

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In chapter 3, "mental models" are described.  Please reflect on how you use mental models to determine how to complete your tasks and responsibilities at work.  Mental models can present some level of bias....How do you avoid the tendency of being subjective?

In chapter 3, developing a global mindset is deemed important.  Reflect on how your company attempts to develop your global mindset; what activites have been implemented to "broaden your horizon"?

Defined as an explanation of someone’s thought process about how something works in the real world, an example of mental model in my work now a day, has to with a “to do list”. Usually once I wake up and while I’m getting ready for work, I start to build a “to do list” in my mind, using only the tasks and times I know I have to follow. So I create my own schedule based on that. However, once I’m at work and I face new tasks to be completed, I try to re-organize the schedule I had made, to complete everything successfully by the end of the day.

Global mindset is defined as one that combines to be open and aware of diversity across cultures. As a nanny for an American family, I have to see this family as a global mindset because they are open to work with international people and to appreciate other cultures. I believe another advantage would be, the parents cultivating a global mindset would bring the kids a global mindset as well.

I have to say, I understand it’s not really a company, however it’s been interesting to answer this question, looking for this family as my company.


Discuss the role of emotional intelligence in your workplace; Specifically, what measures do you take to ensure being emotionally aware? and discuss how you attempt to understand the emotions of others who work with you (or for you)?

How does your organization attempt to build organizational commitment? and do you feel that they are successful at doing so? Please explain why or why not.