Marketing Strategy for People

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Marketing Strategy For People

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Now a day, actually in this era, all companies need marketing skill to sell their product. However, the marketing is elastic, the companies have to create their own marketing plan that is usefully and fix with their product. In this paper will discuss about how to use marketing and adapt it for nosiness plan, and this paper will use me (Silp Dhanasin) be an example.

Marketing Strategy For People

I run business about advertisement on the Internet. I do not create or produce something, but I signed contact with many company such as Best Buy, Newegg, Amazon, and so on, to be their advertiser. After that, I created a website to give their information, news, promotion, and many thing. However, it is not good enough because just a few people, actually it is just 23 people, visited my website in first 3 months. Consequently, I decided to promote my website by brought banner on another website that makes many people know and visited my website. Unfortunately, that was terrible, I got many visitors, but no one is buyer. I had no idea what did I do wrong until I took marketing class.

After I took marketing class, the first thing that I did wrong with my website is SWOT analysis. I did not look at my company and identify what I have and have not. After I did SWOT, I relieved that my company had the biggest weakness point at product. My product is discount coupon code, which are all my competitors has it. I was not able to make the coupon different from another company because the coupon made from my partner company. Consequently, I had to fix this problem by focused on comparing the coupon which another promotion that gives information to customer, which promotion is the best for them.

Then, another missed take that I did wrong is segmentation and target. By the name of Best Buy and Newegg is representing all kind of electronic. On the other hand, it means my segmentation and target should be...