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Chapter 10

I. The primary twentieth century influences on modern physical education

A. Physical development objective

B. Motor development objective

C. Mental and social development objective

II. The Adventure-Education Approach

A. Two major trends together have led to the development of Adventure Education

B. Activities such as backpacking, kayaking, scuba diving and caving take place in natural environments

III. Teaching games

A. (TGFU) Teaching games for understanding

B. Teaching a game has achieved a much stronger sense of Physical Education

IV. State requirements

C. Increase the proportion of nations public and private schools.

D. Increase the proportion of adolescents who participate.

Chapter 11

I. A High School Healthy Lifestyles Program

A. The tenth grade program starts with an introduction.

B. This program model is highly consistent with the current emphasis in Physical Education

II. An upper elementary school sport-education program

C. Each day that the students have physical education they are a part of a team.

D. In each sport season, students are players, coaches, referees or score keepers

III. A virtual High School physical education program

E. This fitness-focused program requires students to work out

F. The students also have reading assignments

IV. National Standards

G. Teachers must prepare students.

H. The outcome should define physical education.

V. Certification to teaching

I. About one third of the state offers validation endorsements

J. Helps develop (APENS)

Chapter 12

I. Time and class size

A. Class size is an equally difficult issue.

B. Physical education teachers always find ways to deal with large classes

II. II. Exemptions

C. 25% of Middle Schools are exempt from physical education

D. 40% of High Schools are exempt...