Product Mix of Godrej

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Product mix and product line:

The product mix is the set of all the products that an organization offer is to its customers. For instance, godrej offers durables, toiletries, securities, furniture etc. a product mix consist of allthe product mix lines and categories. It has a certain characteristics features like product width,length, depth and consistency.

Width:- this is the total number of product lines a company carries.

Length:- The length of the product mix is the total number of items in that mix.

Depth :-the depth of product mix is the assortment of size colors and radiations offeredfor each product in the product line.

Consistency:-Consistency reference to the closeness exhibited by the products line inproduction requirements, distribution end, usages etc.

Here the godrej company is providing a long product line of various products. It has a hugeproduct mix.

APPLIANCES :- Refrigerators, Washing Machines,Air Conditioners, Microwave Ovens and DVD Players


Office Furniture - Desking, Seating, Open Plan Office Systems, Computer furniture and Storages; Home Furniture -Living, Dining and Bedroom furniture; Kitchen cabinets. Laboratoryfurniture; Marine accommodation; Healthcare furniture; Turnkey interiors; Carpet tiles;Mattresses


Padlocks, Furniture locks, Mechanical and electromechanical door locks, Door Controls,Architectural and Glass Hardware


Strong Room Doors, Safe Deposit Lockers, Cash Boxes and Coffers, Data/ATM Safes, Burglaryand Fire Resisting Safes, Record & Filing Cabinets, Electronic Coffers, Currency Sorters andCash Counting Machines, Fire/Security Doors, Fire and Burglar Alarm/Premises SecuritySystems, Video Door Phones, CCTV System, Access Control Systems


Office Automation Products ┬▒ Multifunction Devices, Printers, Fax & Typewriters;Conferencing Products & Solutions ┬▒ Projectors, Plasma Displays & Electronic...