Organizational Philosphies

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Organizational Philosophies and Technology

Anita Shavonta La Flora

TEC / 401 – Human Factors of Technology

Mr. Kirk Darbe


An Organizations Philosophy is the system of beliefs in which an organization upholds. It

states the principles, beliefs and concepts and determines how the mission will be accomplished.

Ethics consist of moral standards, a set of values or principles developed to generate appropriate

actions in the work environment. More often than not organizations have resorted to setting up

and managing ethical standards and guidelines. The use of technology brings challenges and

opportunity to organizations. Technology has become the new way to conduct business and

organizations have decided that this is the best way to adhere to their organizational structures

guidelines. Ethical Standards and guidelines link organizations as they serve as the originator of

social responsibility, equal opportunity, evenhandedness, and most importantly, trust. All

companies establish their own standards of conduct to contour acceptable behaviors in the work


Technology now controls company environment and culture more competently.

Establishing ethical guidelines are not easily set, managed, nor enforced. An organizations

standards basically outline the company structure and what employees can and cannot do in their

perspective position(s ). During the process there is no room for indistinctness, any error or non-

clarity can prove detrimental to the organization.

Ethical standards have major influence over operations, profitability, and business

relations. More often than not, all organizations primary concern and reason for establishing

these guidelines are customer service, computer and e-mail use, standards of conduct, employee

relations, and social responsibility to employees...