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BreadTalk Pte Ltd is a private limited company incorporated in April 2000 founded by Dr. George Quek, Chairman and Katherine Lee, Deputy Chairman. Dr. George Quek saw the opportunity in the bakery industry which was the innovation of a unique open concept kitchen, modernise designs and exquisite packaging. BreadTalk located its first retail outlet at Parco Bugis Junction in July 2000. Shortly within five months, their second and third retail outlets commenced business at Novena Square and Junction 8 Shopping Centre respectively. Subsequently, they have been expanding rapidly island-wide.

Within 10 years, BreadTalk Pte Ltd has firmly established its brand name and expanded to countries such as China, Hong Kong and Asia. Despite consistent revenues contributed from their overseas ventures, Singapore is still their main focus for their business function. Altogether, they have 395 bakery outlets worldwide supported by more than 2000 employees and 32 outlets island-wide.

BreadTalk’s main competitors are Barcook Bakery, Four Leaves, My Bread, Prima Deli and Delifrance.

SWOT Analysis – Involves the internal factors such as Strengths (S) and Weaknesses (W) that the organisation has some control over and the external factors such as Opportunities (O) and Threats (T), which the organisation has no control.

Strengths – Internal factors that make an organisation more competitive than others in the marketplace. Strengths are resources, capabilities and core competencies that the organisation holds which can be used to achieve its goals.

* Experienced Management Team

BreadTalk is led by a team of experienced management. BreadTalk’s Chairman, Dr George Quek has been in the food and beverage (F&B) industry for 30 years and having a diverse Senior Management consisting professionals from the financial, retail and F&B backgrounds, BreadTalk has greatly enhanced its management’s holistic expertise and portfolio of the organisation.