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According to an estimate, currently only about 25% of the homestays in India are actually registered with the Government. Home owners can register their properties with the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India under Incredible India Bed & Breakfast/ Homestays Establishments Scheme. There are two broad categories under which properties can be registered: Gold and Silver. The broad guidelines can be downloaded: Incredible India Bed & Breakfast/ Homestays Establishments Scheme   What you need in order to open a Bed and Breakfast / Homestays Establishment

▪ Spare bed rooms in your house – minimum one and maximum five

▪ You must reside at the premises with your family

▪ Clean rooms with proper ventilation

▪ A minimum floor area of 200 sq ft for Gold Category and 120 sq ft for silver category

▪ Attached private bathrooms; minimum size of each bathroom: Gold-40 sq ft, Silver: 30 sq ft minimum

▪ Western style toilets with toilet paper

▪ 24-hour running hot and cold water with proper sewage connection

▪ Well-maintained, smoke-free, clean, hygienic, odour-free, pest-free kitchen

▪ Air-conditioning/heating depends on climatic conditions

▪ Internet connection

▪ Laundry services

▪ There shall be no front office and premises should be presented primarily as a residential property

▪ Maintain a register/or computerized record in electronic form with detailed particulars of the guests

▪ Send information of the guests to the municipal body concerned and the police every fortnight

▪ Get employee verification done

▪ Maintain the establishment in a good state of repair and cleanliness and fit for habitation of guests at all times

▪ Comply with any rules respecting standards of health, hygiene and safety including fire safety

▪ Provide good quality food prepared in hygienic conditions

▪ Don’t carry out or allow any commercial activity of tours and travel, sight-seeing, transport,...