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This project is important because we want to know how a normal student do in his/her waste if it is proper or improper so we can help him or gave him more knowledge if he/she read this thesis.

I do this study to gain more knowledge and to help other people in their proper management of waste.

The significance of the study is to know the waste management of students at school and at home, to find the possible solutions to get away from their risk and to improve the waste management of the students through giving them appropriate concern and actions about their waste. The people to be benefitted are teachers, parents and students itself.

The descriptive research was used in this study and for gathering data, the researcher needs the use of questionnaire where distributed and retrieved personally by the researcher. With data gathered, the researcher made summary of the tabulated data. The results were analyzed, checked and interpreted.

I know that some students clean their house because there is a special occasion, students help clean at home by removing spider webs at ceiling, students clean their home 3-6 times a day, and students have a general cleaning at school less than 10 x a year, students recycle papers most and many more. This thing matter because this ideas or source will lead us to solve some problems in our country.

I do this research or study by making a questionnaire and some students answer it. The results also show that some students are not aware of waste management and some are aware.