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Letters on Educational Matters There are occasions when teachers and children’s parents have to correspond with one another. More often than not such correspondence relates to the absence of the child from school. However, there can be other matters too, concerning some other educational problems. Some of these are: 1. Getting a certificate. 2. Complaint on lack of facilities in school or other inconveniences. 3. Inquiries about child’s progress in his/her studies and the teacher’s reply. Letter to School for Certificate Start your letter by giving reasons for asking for the certificate: 1. This is to inform you that I have been transferred to Hyderabad and will be leaving Delhi on the tenth of this month to take charge of my new post. 2. You will be pleased to learn that my son Rajiv who has passed his higher secondary from your school this year, plans to apply to an American university/ Education Ministry for a scholarship for higher studies. 3. It will be of interest to you to learn that my son, Chandra Kiran, who has completed/ finished his education this year at your school, plans to apply for a job with the Government of India/ Escorts Ltd. 4. You will be happy to know that my daughter, Rani Rao, who is a student of Class X in your school wishes to participate in the Science Talent Competition next month. Request for Certificate itself: 5. Hence, I would request you to issue a school leaving certificate to my son, Amit Kumar, a student of VII D of your school so that he can be admitted to a school there. 6. Therefore, you are requested to give him a character certificate to be enclosed with such an application. 7. This is to request you to give a provisional certificate of passing the said examination to be produced at the time of interview. 8. I learn that a merit certificate from her school is necessary for entry to this competition. Therefore, I shall be grateful if you issue the certificate. 9. He has been asked to get a character certificate and mark...