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Ladies & gentle men, you may have felt at one point in time of your lives that life is not easy*. You may all have different reasons for your statement bu all thoz reasons I’m sure connect to one basic root: not accepting what is thrown at you or what you have already.

I don’t mean to say that by accepting what you have, you should not thrive for more or stop the pursuit of your dreams,* but rather move forward by accepting what you have than whining or complaining about it. If we don’t accept the realities & try to move forward*, we won’t have any ground to stand on while we chase our goals. Acceptance brings humbleness in us & makes the conscious up, that is what is really required to make miracles happen. This is the need of the current soul.

The more we need acceptance the less we find it in our selves & the ones around us. *Our pursuit of happiness & success has really made us less accepting towards others & their thoughts. When ever we hear a new or radical thought we immediately reject it in our minds if it goes against our set of beliefs.

This is the problem that leads countries to war, & men to hatred for each other.

* Whn Aristotle tld da people abt how da world was *not flat & in fact it was *sphere, people rejected the idea & the pope ordered for his death & this all eventually led to Aristotle drinking poison. So we see that right from the start acceptance has been a problem for people throughout history, but when ever they used their minds positively & open mindedly they always came to know what the truth was & ultimately they benefited from it.

*However this does not mean that other human qualities can be ignored because no one quality is complete on its own. In order to make a difference & impact on the surrounding conditions we need to bring in to focus a lot of other human qualities as none of these qualities is complete on its own & are in fact intermingled.

* If we look into ourselves then most of...