Dimension Concepts Worksheet

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Concept Application of Concept in your personal and/or professional life Reference to Concept in Reading

Organizing cohesive groups to benefit from the power of culture. Those groups may be more beneficial, creative, and productive than individual work.

During my previous experience, the general manager organized cohesive groups to increase innovation regarding funds activities for autistic children. Those groups encourage individuals to be more creative and came up with new ideas. “Team-based organizations have to find not only the best individual for a certain job but also the best combination of individuals in terms of their specific characteristics” (DeDreu & Bechtoldt & Nijstad, n.d, para. 1).

Building awareness can help motivate individuals in a diverse workforce. Trainings can help employees to:

- have a better understanding of diversity and its benefits

- accept and respect the differences in cultures

- Have better performance

I worked and live in a diverse society. I learned to recognize the differences, understand it benefits, accept other’s culture, and have a clear sense of my own culture. I learned that recognizing the similarities between cultures is beneficial to pursue and achieve our goals in professional and personal lives. Diversity trainers often focus on comprehensiveness and acceptance to help employees understand the differences between people in the workforce (Mayhew, 2011).

Implement collaborative approach that allow to a greater creativity and an organizational improvement in performance by:

- Ensuring coordination with activities

- Building positive and professional relationships

- Develop a supportive and respectful culture

I had a negative experience regarding the workplace environment. It was my first experience and I expected that all will be good. Collaboration was missing because managers were working for their own department. They wanted to accomplish their work on time, and they didn’t care for...