Class or Mass

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Class or mass

Neptune being a upmarket brand in gourmet seafood business and north america’s third largest seafood producer faced with a excess inventory problem . there are three possible options to slove the excess inventory problem .

We can start a new brand with a higher premium quality with slightly higher rate than Neptune gold and sell it in a retail market as Neptune platinum. Neptune gold will be sold in retail market at slightly lesser price with seasonal quantity bonus . ready to eat seafood can be sold with a premium tag of Neptune platinum stating made from Neptune platinum.

Private label business with the excess inventory can be done by making sure Neptune gold brand is not cannibalized in retail market. In the wholesale market a discount on Neptune gold needs to given . and to hotelier also a marginal seasonal discount on Neptune gold has to be given .

The brand can be taken into international markets of central and south America. This will not affect existing markets and also creates new market for the company.

We can start a new brand in existing market which has higher premium quality as Neptune platinum. As the quality of the fish is increased by technological advancement in the new ships bought by the company. this is a permanent solution to the excess inventory problem. By doing this Neptune can give seasonal quantity bonus on Neptune gold in retail market . as the fish are frozen much faster which makes the quality of the fish much better than rivals it is bound to increase the sales of Neptune gold with a seasonal quantity bonus . to get the initial capital Neptune can sell some of its old ships and invest it for new brand Neptune platinum.

The ready to eat seafood can also be started with a premium tag of Neptune platinum and this does not jeopardize the company’s gold seal. To get the initial capital company can sell of the old ships and invest the same in setting up of the warehouse , marketing , advertizing for the new brand...