Tata Group

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Table of Contents

1.0 Source Problems 1

2.0 Secondary Problems 1

2.1 Successor’s follow-up actions to pursue growth 1

2.2 Challenges with internationalization 1

2.3 Tata’s rural-development projects 2

3.0 Analysis 2

3.1 Internationalization 2

3.2 Tata’s commitment with future planning 3

4.0 Criteria of Evaluation 4

4.1International Growth 5

4.2 Cutting-edge Educational Program 5

4.3 Improvement of Social Responsibility 5

5.0 Alternatives 6

5.1 Emerging Markets 6

5.2 Implementation of technology-enabled Educational Program 6

5.3 Commitment of environmental and ecological sustainability 6

6.0 Recommendations 7

6.1 Internationalization 7

6.2 Mitigation of non-essential liabilities burden 7

6.3 Approaches of Social Responsibility 8

6.3.1 Reducing pollution 8

6.3.2 Restoring Ecological Balance 8

7. Conclusion 8

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1.0 Source Problems

Tata Group has conducted its business prevailing in a highly diversified environment. Tata Group has been searching for strategies of shifting expansion to become global heavyweight; therefore, its companies can compete in the rich West as well as progress in the developing world. With commitment to the corporate social responsibility, Tata is currently at the fore in the internationalization of Indian companies (Goldstein 2008).

2.0 Secondary Problems

2.1 Successor’s follow-up actions to pursue growth

There is a lingering doubt as to the succession of the Tata group’s plans for the future, as would there be continuation in its current growth plans or would there be formulation of a new plan and shift its direction and focus.

2.2 Challenges with internationalization

Integrating the acquisitions with the existing structure of the group and managing operations in several diverse countries will have challenges such as slow and costly processes. For example, integration of Tetley tea with Tata tea took over three years and assistance from professional consultants...