Green Mountain Resort

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Green Mountain Resort

Jennifer Knol-Curran


Professor Shelton

Ashford University


The six change images discussed in chapter 2 of Managing Organizational Change – A Multiple Perspectives Approach by Palmer, Dunford and Akin are: director, navigator, caretaker, coach, interpreter, and nurturer. These images of managing change are controlling actions vs. shaping capabilities and change outcomes either intended, partly intended, or unintended. These images of change talk about the measurements of success from change, and that people within the organization need to “adopt similar images and assumptions related to it.” (Palmer et. al, 2009, p. 38) As an organizational leader it is important to be leading change and not managing it. Transformational change cannot be managed, but according to Palmer et. al, it can be led if managers have the right mindset. (p.38) The director, navigator, coach, and interpreter images are seen more as positive images than the caretaker and nurturer images which may have a negative view because organizations want to have more intentional change because they are an important part of the “Western change management lexicon”. (Palmer et. al, 2009, p.35) The case study of Green Mountain discusses the different change images in the organization and if the assumptions influenced the problems.

Green Mountain Resort

When Green Mountain was selling its real estate Gunter who was part of the original management and was going to leave his position for another resort job, decided that he was going to buy his own piece of property and live at the resort that was famous for its fishing, golf, tennis and skiing. The problem was that the resort was quite far from any major cities and the main attraction to get people out to Green Mountain was all the attractive amenities. Gunter had a vision for the future of a wonderful first class resort; however the turnover rate of the staff at Green Mountain was quite high and needed to be...