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Volume 1 Issue 2 July 15th 2010

6 Baht


I hope everyone’s ready for Exam Week! For those who

aren’t, there are revision tips in this issue, so read and ace

your exams! We’ve also got info on the newly elected DSA

officers. Please enjoy this issue of the KCSEP Post!

16th to 23rd July- Midterm Exams

26th July- Asalaha Bucha

27th July- Buddhist Lent


Exam Tips

24th June- Teacher’s Day


2nd July- KCS Anniversary

4th July- American Independence

9th July- Monk’s Sermon


The exams are looming and everyone has their head in

their books! Get prepared on Page 4!

Division of Student Affairs

For those who don’t know, officers have just been elected

for the Division of Student Affairs or DSA for short.

Turn to page 5 for more info.

Student’s Works

What if you had an elephant for a birthday present?

Find out on page 6

Page 2- Teacher’s Interview

Page 3- Entertainment

Page 4- Exam Tips

Page 5- Division of Student Affairs

Page 6- Student’s Works

Page 7- Nonogram and Riddles

Page 8- Crossword

This Issue’s Idiom

cast pearls before swine



duì niú tán qín



By Yuan Yuan Zeng and Lalita Khampha

Q: What do you think of the DSA?


T.Yan: Will be very effective if the Administrators, Teachers, Students and Parents will

cooperate and will follow the polices drafted by the committee.

T.Chris: I’m not aware of that.

T.Ryan: It’ll be good if the officers are really doing their job. If the officers will do their job

then we won’t have problems in regards with discipline.

T.Cheng: Good, can help many people, Useful.

T.Zhao: It’ll let the students pay attention and do their best.


This issue’s book review: Pelican Brief

By Tammatat Veeramanomai

Two judges of the Supreme Court, Rosenberg and Jensen, were murdered in only one night. Frightening

letters are common, they are usually sent to judges of the Supreme...

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