Bharat Forge and Suzlon Case Study

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Bharat forge and Suzlon are two major Indian companies which have put India in the world market. It is mainly focused on entering the global market. These two companies are manufacturers of entirely different products. Bharat forge is a main player in the automotive industry and Suzlon is a textile manufacturing industry. Both the companies started with a basic this case study highlights the key points on how both the companies used strategies and resources to enter and establish in the global market and also the key differences which played a important role for their expansion overseas.


Bharat forge and Suzlon presently has established themselves well in both domestic and global market. There were certain key similarities which both the companies followed in their own path to acquire an well established business in the global market.

Firstly, the major similarity was the objective of both the firms. Both the firms had the objective to enter the global maket. The potential of the vast and expanding market of India’s middle class, along with the promise of the country’s low cost manufacturing base, was highly compelling and Bharat forge being a domestic player in the automotive industry focused on entering the global market and establishing its business overseas and Suzlon which was a small textile manufacturing company ended up with an innovative idea of manufacturing wind turbines while solving the problem of electricity and it was India’s first home grown wind technology company resulting in going global and expanding its business.

Another key similarity of both the companies was the modes of entry into the global market. Both the firms used the strategies of overseas acquisition to expand the company’s product range and strategies of inorganic growth such as merger and joint venture. Bharat Forge took an bold step of overseas acquisition strategy to mainly focus on human resource...