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Information overload, slow response for the problems, and the poor quality of data collected. These are all the sign shows NHS management department employees are less of motivation. When employees are not been motivate, they tend to have negative attitudes. Specific employee attitudes relating to job satisfaction and organizational commitment, attitude has direct impact on job satisfaction. There are strong relationships between motivation and satisfaction has been found.

Luthan (1998) posited that there are three important dimensions to job satisfaction:

* Job satisfaction is an emotional response to a job situation.

* Job satisfaction is often determined by how well outcome meet or exceed expectations.

* Job satisfaction represents several related attitudes which are most important characteristics of a job about which people have effective response.

Job satisfaction cannot be talk of where there is absence of motivation, Job satisfaction is so important in that its absence often leads to lethargy and reduced organizational commitment (Levinson, 1997, Moser, 1997). Lack of job satisfaction is a predictor of quitting. Before they decided to quit, the input and out will be cut down. It affects the quality of the performance, has lower down the productive, customer service and higher turnover etc. All of these consequences are costly to organization. As the consequence, Motivation does play an important role in organization, motivation employees can make a business between successful and failure. NHS management department should pay an attention to how to increase employee’s motivation. There are many incentives which can serve as motivators. To be effective motivators; managers must know what behaviors they want to motivate people to exhibit (Bateman&Snell P230 248)

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Jobs satisfaction mediates relationship between facets of job and citizenship...