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Article : Changing governance of the Indian Higher education sector in the Globalised economy 


The present paper sets out in the wider context of globalization to examine how India have responded to the growing pressures of globalization for improving university performance in the global market place. In order to enhance the global competitiveness of their higher education systems, governments in india have started comprehensive reforms and adopted new governance measures to enhance their universities. Incorporation and corporatization have been identified as important strategies to restructure and re-engineer university governance around the world. Despite the popularity of management reforms and restructuring exercises in line with neoliberalism and managerialism worldwide, whether and how these reforms have actually transformed the heart of the public sector is still subject to research. This paper offers some reflections on the governance change taking place in india university systems and examine what are the changes in restructuring of governance in higher education through privatization, and internationalisation.

Globalisation and Higher Education

Globalisation, which is said to have brought radical changes in the polity, economy and society in India, may have a similar profound effect on education, particularly the higher education, in the country. Globalisation has brought in new definitions not only for the world's economic and political systems, but also for higher education. It is certain that higher education can no longer be static and traditional as it receives acute competition from global universities and private educational institutions. The innovative forms of transnational education--such as liberal migration policy for education, internet-based distance learning, branch campuses, educational franchising--have greatly expanded opportunities for students to study and learn outside their country of origin

Beginning in 1991, the Government...