Federal Prison Comparison Paper

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Federal Prison Comparison Paper



This report shall talk about several crooks who have committed federal law-breakings and have been dispatched to federal prisons for their acts. The people about whom the report shall talk about are Martha Stewart, Ivan Boesky, Michael Millken, Manuel Noriega, Timothy McVeigh, Terry Nichols, Al Capone, and John Gotti. All these people were dispatched to the prison house for a few or the other cause. The report shall talk about about the similarities and the divergences between each of the people as stated above.

Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart an American business tycoon, TV host, writer, and magazine publisher. She was convoluted in share dirt and was guilty in Jail for a time period of 5 months in the year of 2004. The law-breaking of Martha Stewart was that she had access to non-public data affecting the corporation ImClone Systems and she used that data to obviate the loss which she may had tolerated if she hadn't used that data. On the very following day the price of the stock had fallen down by 16%. If she wouldn't had used the non-public data to her vantage and trade a quantity of shares then she would had sustained big losses.

After this incident there were several gossips about the same. Martha Stewart was inquired various times about this incident (Price, 2007). A couple of years later the incident she went to test in the year 2004 and then found guilty of the charges related to security dupery and insider dealing. She was condemned for 5 months in prison, sent for house arrest for a catamenia of 2 months then for probation for a catamenia of 2 years. Martha Stewart was sent to Alderson Federal Prison Camp.

Alderson Federal Prison Camp was founded in the year 1927. It was the first women prison house in the United States. It was constituted for the intention of supplying renewal to the women...