Sustainable Development

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Lee Huyoung

Newcastle RWP

Mr. Parker

Project 1 Final Draft

September 2, 2012

The 3rd revolution: Sustainable development

People live in the era of globalization. Along with this trend, extreme spending of natural resources caused a lot of various international environmental problems with green house gases which is closely related to emission of carbon dioxide (CO2) (Girard, 2006) such as global warming, tsunamis, melting glaciers in Antarctica in these days. Because of these problems, there is a suggested potential solution ‘sustainable development’. Sustainable development is quite recent concept which on the rise just about 3 decades ago with integrated scientific and environmental idea (Martens, 2006). According to quote from the Brundtland Commission that “Sustainable development is development which meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” (WCED, 1987, cited in Martens, 2006) In other words, it is not only for current generations but also for future generations too. This is urgent question that whole world confront and needed to be solved for humans’ prosperity and security as soon as possible it does. Due to industrial revolution, using of limited natural resources has been dramatically ascended so, this trend breaks the maintainable natural cycle and caused a lot of serious global issues. Consequently, to overcome huge global crisis which world encounter every social organs and individuals cooperate for solving these problems as a whole with sustainable development.

Sustainable development is defined as notion which can takes both ways: preserving environment and retaining economic improvement through using renewable resources which means recyclable energies. This idea is against to depletion of natural resources and it is come out from the idea which considers future generations form long-term point of view. Therefore, it should have less negative effects to the environment and...