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InternatIonal travel Insurance PolIcy

Product Disclosure statement


What to do if you require emergency assistance What to do if your property is stolen, lost or damaged How to contact us Our commitment to you Important preliminary information Who can be covered? Where are you covered? Period of cover Extending the policy Free extension of the period of cover Some words in the policy have definite meanings The policy does not cover some events, circumstances and situations We rely on the accuracy of your information Precautions that you need to take How your employment affects your insurance What we cover Medical expenses and additional expenses related to illness, injury and death

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Baggage, personal effects, travel documents – delays, damage, loss and theft Cancelled, interrupted or delayed journey Accidents for which you are legally liable What we do not cover – general exclusions AAMI travel insurance and pre-existing medical conditions Pre-existing medical conditions we cover About claiming on the policy How to contact us to claim on the policy If you require emergency assistance If your property is stolen, lost or damaged Helping us to pay your claim What happens when you claim on the policy Your responsibilities when you claim What we do when we repair or replace your baggage or personal effects Excesses Important general information What do we mean by that? The AAMI Consumer Appeals Service

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Your AAMI Product Disclosure Statement

The AAMI International Travel Insurance Policy

This Product Disclosure Statement provides information about the product we offer: the AAMI International Travel Insurance Policy. When we agree to insure your travel, the policy comprises this booklet and your policy schedule which shows the detail of the policy particular to you. See page 53. This Product Disclosure Statement was completed on 30 June...