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What sort of government does your country have?

What is the population of your country and how is it located within the geography of your area?

3. What types of ideologies (political, religious, or other) influence your country’s government? Ghana is a presidential representative democratic republic in which the executive branch is headed by a president, who serves as both the head of state as well as head of government. The unicameral legislature consists of a 230-seat Parliament. Both the president and the legislature are popularly elected for four-year terms, with the president's tenure being only two terms. Executive branch power is vested with the President; he is responsible for implementing/enforcing laws written to Parliament; appoints ministers, including the Cabinet, who is responsible for everyday enforcement of law and order. The Judiciary branch emanates from the people and shall be administered in the name of the republic by the Judiciary; the power shall be vested in the Judiciary, and neither the President nor the Parliament are allowed judicial power; the Judiciary has power in all things civil and criminal

Just over 21 million people live in Ghana, for whom life expectancy is around 56 years, birth rate is on average 3.02 per woman, 3.1% believed to have HIV/AIDS, and literacy rate is just under 75%. In descending order, the 5 regions most populated throughout Ghana: Ashanti (at 4,780,380), Greater Accra, Eastern, Northern, and Brong Ahafo (at 2,310,983)--rates from 2010.