Human Resource Management

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Human Resource Management

BUS 303

Brandy Goldston

May 15, 2011

Human Resource Management

In our ever changing world it is important to understand all aspects that add focus to the primary function of Human Resources Management (HRM). HRM’s primary focus is assisting employees to being company driven with a focus on the corporate mission or goal. Every contact between employee and management has the power to motivate or de-motivate. HRM must focus on the success of any firm through good implementation of effective human resource management.

The primary objective of HRM is to address the needs of the company employees and the collective contribution for achieving company goals. With effective implementation, HRM can be perceived as a vital function for a firm because it assists the organization to create better employees who are ready to offer their best. To manage human resources is to address the permanent domains of human concern for business such as acquiring, rewarding, developing, maintaining and protecting. (Ivancevich, 2010) HRM is the strategic and tactical manipulation of employees, financials, and technology in such a way that the function creates and sustains a high performance business culture.

The bedrock of HRM effectiveness is the department’s ability to function in such a way that it can speculate about inventing actions that will take care of firms concerns and anticipate recurrent and avoidable breakdowns. Since external influences can influence internal organization, HRM must be capable of inventing new and more effective practices for taking care of fundamental concerns; no matter the market segment they compete. The ongoing development of new legislation and regulation of the Real Estate sector of business imposes a direct influence on HR activities. Since a firm within the market segment in mention cannot hire personnel without candidates having proper licensure and citizenship there is a direct influence on the organizations...