Personal Values and Ethical Standards

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Personal Values and Ethical Standards

Tammy Edwards


July 2, 2012

Felice Hamilton

Personal Values and Ethical Standards

Every person possesses different values and ethical standards. As far as my values and ethical standards, they have helped mold me into the person I am today. Values are someone’s personal standards of what is believed to be right or wrong, each person’s values usually differ. Ethics on the other hand are a collection of ground rules that offer a structure for what a person considers to be the proper conduct in any group. If a group has a written document that signifies the agreed upon principals for this group, it is what is called a “code of ethics.

I gained my values in childhood mostly from my mother and grandparents. As I began to grow older, I received more values from other sources, such as school, friends, and my church. I was raised in the church and my grandparents were very strict when it came to manners. I was taught to respect my elders and treat others the way that I would want to be treated. From my mother, I gained strong work ethics. My mother is one of the hardest working people I have ever known. Still to this day she continues to work even though she is eligible to retire.

I remember as a child watching my mother work day in and day out. She was a single mother of four children for years until she remarried. For this reason she had to work extra hard to take care of all of us. Every job she had was one of physical, hard labor. She went to work every day and never missed. I remember her going to work even when she was sick. She instilled in me that working hard was important and giving your all was a must in everything I did.

My mother also taught me important life skills as well. She taught me how to cook, do laundry, and clean house. She taught me that these things were important in life and I should always keep my home nice. My mother taught me by example on these things and...