Hcs 483 Week 3 Dq 1

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The July 2012 ruling by the United States Supreme Court on Obamacare brought confidence to some states and cities seeking to move health care into high tech realms . The health care industry lagged in adopting new technology required companies such as Vitals are already gearing up to provide its health insurance and hospital customers with a more consumer focused platform systems. (Crain's Health Pulse, 2012).

Phases of new system implementation processes will include:

· Strategy, Planning and Initiation – Developing implementation team's plan.

· Analysis, Blueprint, Discovery and Design - Analysis of work flow and configuration to include services, program levels, user definitions, tables, lists, clinical documentations, i.e., assessments, forms, procedures, policies, and creation of action plan to overcome barriers.

· Development, Configuration and Installation - Includes configuration and the installation for a training system, the beginning of the user acceptance testing (UAT) period.

· End-User Training - Key users are trained in using the new software.

· User Acceptance Testing (UAT) - Utilizes the critical aspects and functions in implementation cycle: training, UAT, definition, and finalization of configuration, customization, and data migration evaluations and specifications to review system functionality and development of a master plan detailing staff training schedule, identifies experts and staff requiring specialized training, and establishes internal communication plan.

· Activation and Production - Data migration is completed and provision for on-site support established; additional training and minor corrections or fixes are addressed.

According to Crain's Health Pulse (2012) "The large hospitals and diverse population in the city provide an excellent testing ground for new products across the board, said Mr. Stoakes. Support from the government and private investors promises growth, and there is engineering talent to be...