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The Pakistan International Airlines is suffering from severe financial crisis because of poor management, lack of maintenance, corruption and financial issues. There are complaints of terrible service, long delayed flights, emergency crash landings, cancellation of flights, shortage of planes, unclean toilets that smell from a distance and non-serious attitude of the administration. Passengers feel fear and life risk while travelling through PIA. PIA has, in all, 39 aircrafts in its fleet comprising of 4 Boeing 777-200 ER, 3 Boeing 777-300 ER, 2 Boeing 777-200 LR, 6 Boeing 737-300, 5 Boeing747-300, 12 Airbus A310-300 and 7 ATR 42-500. A number of aircrafts have been grounded due to shortage of spare parts or overhauling. These include Boeing 747s, Boeing 737s and Airbus A 310. It is generally believed that PIA high-ups are responsible for the inconvenience of the passengers. The whole system needs overhauling.

The major problems faced by PIA are increase in oil prices, overstaffing, devaluation of local currency, political interference and its weak financial position since the last decade. PIA has suffered huge loss of more than 64 billion rupees from 2005 to 2008. It has also suffered huge losses in 2009 and 2010 particularly due to increase in the price of the fuel and devaluation of Pakistani rupee. The bad governance, poor performance and corruption are the major causes of its failure. Pakistan International Airlines should give primary importance to the safety of the passengers and make efforts to avoid any untoward situation. Several untoward incidents occurred in PIA in the last decade. It is necessary to tackle with such incidents seriously to minimize the losses.

PIA has problem of maintenance and repairs. It is stated that tender for the maintenance of the aircrafts has been given to a company that does not have international reputation.  Saleem Irshad, retired engineer, claims that high-ups of PIA have financial stake in these small and...