Organizational Commitment and Communication

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Organizational Commitment and Communication: Starbucks

Management and internal leadership develop and mold a company. Various styles of leadership, types of power structures within the company, and different kinds of motivators can work together through effective company communication to influence an organization’s culture. A unique organizational culture is developed and influences the total company’s commitment to set goals and the company vision. The success of the Starbucks Company comes primarily from a strong culture, developed through strategic methods to ignite passion and commitment with customers and employees.

Management and leadership have two defining roles in a company, both equally important for a successful organizations culture. Management focuses on the day-to-day operations to keep a company moving forward. They are occupied with required planning, budgeting, staffing, short-term profits and stock prices. Leadership focuses on spreading leadership abilities through the organization. It includes the vision for the company. Good leaders inspire people to keep focused on moving the organization toward the perfect future for the company. Leaders are innovative and look to the long term goals. They create an environment in which individuals in the organization know what needs to be done and how to do it well. Both management and leadership require an effective means of communicating the needs and expectations within the organization for it to be successful.

Leadership Styles

The different leadership styles can affect the way an organization communicates and influence the goals of the company. Each leadership style on its own is a factor in establishing a company’s culture. To be successful a combination of leadership styles are necessary to obtain the support of the entire organization. Starbucks can also draw upon various styles and the influence of the forms of communication each brings to the organization.

A production-oriented leader focuses...