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The Evolving Role of Information Security and Its Effect on Information Systems Management

CIS 500

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Date: December 11, 2006

“Employees losing their laptops with Customer information on it… Computers being stolen… Hackers releasing a worm onto company wan…. Disgruntle/ and or Terminated employees reeking havoc on company application” Headlines such as these are making the news more and more each day. Information Security has become an integral portion of Information Systems Management. Laws have been enacted to protect the consumer and executives of most, if not all, major companies have followed suit and implemented security initiatives to secure all access to the company. Throughout this document, the following topics will be discussed in order to make competent decisions when managing Information Management: the types of data management should secure, protection against hackers, legal issues, initiatives to be taken, the impact of Security breaches and lastly, how information security is ever-changing.

Information Security, which is defined as “ all aspects of safeguarding or protecting information or data in, whatever form encompasses not only electronic data but also any data which is filed, left sitting on a desk, or through conversations.” Since Information security encompasses such a vast range of material, data is susceptible to vulnerabilities. Information Security protects against threats or vulnerabilities of an organization. Per article: Three core areas should be considered when identifying vulnerabilities in Information Security: 1) Confidentiality (ensuring data is only accessed by authorized personnel) 2) Integrity (ensuring that data is only changed by authorized individuals and that all changes are detectable) , and 3) Authentication ( ensuring that individuals trying to access data are in fact the person they have stated being). These key topics will help when Management and Executive members...