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Nursing Journal Article Summary

*Attach copy of article to this summary.

Author: Mark M. McGraw Title of Article: Is your patient high on “bath salts?”

Name of Nursing Journal: Nursing 2012 Month & year: January 2012


Instructions: Identify AND summarize (briefly explain)n (a minimum of 5) key points you identified in this article. Use back if necessary.

1. Bath salts are easily obtained alternatives to ecstasy, cocaine, and amphetamines and despite its label stating that it is not for human consumption, it is fully attended for human consumption.

2. The active ingredients have now joined the active ingredients in ecstasy, mushrooms, LSD, and peyote as Schedule I substances meaning that there is a high potential for abuse and no safe approved medical use.

3. Bath salts come as a white, tan, or brown clumpy powder and can be encapsulated or compressed into crystal to look like actual bath salts and can be consumed orally, rectally, injected, or smoked. Most of the more frequent users prefer to snort combined with oral dosing because it provides a more rapid onset with longer duration of effect.

4. Users present with severe anxiety, paranoia, agitation, bizarre behavior, tremors, and persecutory hallucinations. Those without acute psychosis present with palpitations, SOA, diaphoresis, hot flashes, headaches, hyperthermia, overwhelming thirst with polydipsia, and other signs and symptoms of sympathetic nervous system stimulation.

5. Other names for bath salts are bliss, blue silk, down2earth white horse, energizing aromatherapy, ivory wave, kamikaze, purple wave, red dove, vanilla sky, and white lightning.

What did you think of this article (Ex. Easy to read, informative, etc.)? Would you recommend it to your colleagues/classmates: I thought that this article was very easy to read due to the lack of long drawn out sentences and the lack of use of large medical terms. It also was extremely informative to me because...

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