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Week Four Team Reflection

Darrel E. Clodfelter Jr, Erica Weary, Ishieka Barnett


October 10, 2011

David Rollins

Week Four Team Reflection

Week four objectives were:

* Compare and contrast leadership theories

* Evaluate the strengths and weakness of established leadership styles

* Evaluate the effectiveness of substitutes for leadership

This week Team A discussed what topics he/she felt comfortable with and struggled with.

Erica Weary

Erica found this week’s objectives to be interesting because she was able to apply it to herself, unlike Ishieka. Her favorite part of this week was completing the “What’s My Leadership Style” quiz and taking that information and applying it to the different leadership theories. Erica learned she fit into the charismatic leader category; though she leans towards the transactional leader category. Erica is big on personality and building relationship while also being concerned with completing goals and getting work done. Being able to apply the leadership theories to herself allowed Erica to get comfortable with the topics/objectives within our text. Most of us agreed that a manager needs to show compassion for his/her employees to be satisfied at work. Overall, Erica was comfortable with this week’s objectives and did not find that she had any weak areas.

Ishieka Barnett

This week objectives and lesson plan was most difficult thus far for Ishieka. Because she was unable to easily relate it to her everyday situations. What she did find fascinating about this week assignment was that it allowed her to expand on what traits or personality one must instill to be a leader. Ishieka has previously questioned if she was tough enough or smart enough to be put in a leadership/management role. However, this week taught her there’s no one right way to lead or manage that fits all situations. Good leaders often switch intuitively between styles, according to the people they lead and the work that...