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Self-awareness is important in the workplace for many reasons. It helps everyone to recognize his or her own emotions and how it may have an impact on those around them. It gives an accurate self-assessment to know strengths and limitations. It gives self-confidence, self-worth and capabilities. Developing the skills of self-awareness is important because it plays a part in how we think, feel, and act. It affects the workplace and sometimes accomplishments in the workplace rely on self-awareness. Self-awareness brings value to our workplace. Our organization can gain more from workers and leaders who take responsibility for what they know. Self-awareness is one of most valuable leadership competencies. When people do not know their strengths and weaknesses tend to misjudge themselves. Sometimes poor performance comes from poor self-awareness. Also sometimes whether you acknowledge your weaknesses or not, those around you still see them. This ultimately could lead to trust and integrity issues. Therefore, knowing yourself will help you develop your strengths and avoid areas that may lead to problems. Bottom line people who know themselves can do better.

Managing Emotions

Managing emotions in the workplace is very important. It can definitely affect your job performance and your relationship with others. Learning every day techniques to manage them is also important. Working with the public can bring on stressful situations at times, and controlling your emotions is very important. You can benefit more by improving your skills to manage your emotions and controlling them when faced with stress in the workplace. Learning how to balance your mental, emotional, and physical aspects of life are other effective ways to manage emotions. Recognizing different ways you may be contributing to your stress and finding ways to reduce them are also important. Recognize your feelings, thoughts, behaviors that...