Introduction to Circuits

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Interpretation of Data

In this experiment, we first assign the values of the resistances and connected them in the circuit shown in the manual. The Values we used for the 1st voltage source is 20V dc and 15V dc for the 2nd voltage source. We then measure the individual voltages of the resistors and the currents I1, I2 and I3 passing through R1, R2 and R3 respectively. We then apply the superposition theorem by shorting VS2 and measure the individual voltages in the resistors and the current passing through I1, I2 and I3 and set them as V1’, V2’, V3’, V4’ and V5’for the voltages and I1’, I2’and I3’ for the currents. We then shorted V S1 and also measure the individual voltages and current passing through the resistors and set them as V1”, V2”, V3”, V4” and V5”for the voltages and I1”, I2”and I3” for the currents. We then take into consideration the consideration the signs or direction of the values we gathered. The sum of the values we got for the V’, V’’ and I’, I” should be equal to the values we obtained when the two voltage sources are on. Unfortunately, no matter how many trials and even with the help of our instructor the values were not equal. So the table above was values measured by our classmates.


In theory, the superposition theorem for electrical circuits states that the total current in any branch of a bilateral linear circuit equals the algebraic sum of the currents produced by each source acting separately throughout the circuit. We then replace all other voltage sources by a short circuit and current sources are replaced by an open circuit. The strategy used in the Superposition Theorem is to eliminate all but one source of power within a network at a time, using series/parallel analysis to determine voltage drops (and/or currents) within the modified network for each power source separately. Then, once voltage drops and/or currents have been determined for each power source...