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“Ring...... …… …..”

The loud bell rang which indicated that it was the end of the recess and everyone had to be prepared to be hypnotized for another two hours in the hot and stuffy classroom. In just few minutes, the canteen backed to peaceful, left the hardworking Indonesian maids cleaning leftover from the irresponsible students. Usually, I was the latest who went into the classroom or didn’t attend the class at all and that was the reason why I observed the noisy and crowded recess time back to the peaceful but filled with the teachers’ voice atmosphere. The first floor washroom was the first choice we two girls hide whenever we skipped our class. This time was different. I was in the class on time and this surprised my form teacher, Mrs. Lim. She was a middle age, short and plump woman with short and wavy hair. She had a rough voice like a man, fierce looking face and a pair of sharp eyes. I bet no one in the class dare to speak a word when she stared at us.

“Ouch…..that’s hurt. How could she do that? Broke up with boyfriend doesn’t mean that it is the end of the world. Why did she cut herself with blade?” murmured in my heart.

I kept thinking the reason my best friend forever cut her wrist with blade and simultaneously I cut my wrist softly. I thought it was not painful but I was eager to try how it was felt like when the sharp blade sliding down your wrist and the fresh red blood flow out slowly. When I was observing the bleeding, some negative thoughts kept screening in my mind.

“Mummy forces me to study hard and she never thought of my feelings when she decided to send me to private high school. She didn’t even ask my opinion! I like the environment here but it takes some time for me to catch up. She refused to talk to me since I get an ‘egg’ for my math monthly test last month. The math class here is way different from what I have learnt previously. She was not like that last time. She doesn’t love me anymore.” Another thin cut appeared on my...