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Ricardo Vergara

Brazosport College


Humans around the world have grown more and more interdependent over time with technological advances and political and economic growth which has allowed us and sometimes required us to have contacts across the nation, and the world. The vast majority of people today are in contact with someone in a different country either through regular old snail mail, by phone, e-mail, or a more advanced way of communication. These people know each other because they are friends, family, co-workers, clients, or even something more. People have become more interested and more open-minded about the rest of the world outside of their own borders than ever before. Technology has allowed this planet’s population to unite more as a civilization and has taken away many barriers between people from different countries. At the same time, however, this era of cable internet, cheap telephone services, Western Union, and jet airplanes, has also paved the way for many countries to become enemies and also opened new doors for terrorism and war as well as caused people to become more patriotic and sometimes nationalistic. It has given terrorists a new way to express their hate. It has allowed thieves and villains to steal not only products but whole identities. It has caused a war of its own through digital connections and simple wires. So, if something as simple as the World Wide Web, which is designed to improve communication and information for all citizens across the planet, can create such havoc and needs such an extreme security system with great supervision to prevent bad people from taking advantage of it, what kind of chaos would globalization create?

The whole idea of globalization is to economically, politically, and legally unite countries around the world and create one big international community. Globalization would dramatically increase trade, creating so-called free trade and would increase cultural...