Communication in a Sitcom

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Communication in a Sitcom


* The television sitcom show that I chose to watch was and episode of Cold Case titled “Debut”. This episode like all of the episodes of Cold Case centers on an individual case which is solved in each episode. This show also contains a central ongoing drama between the reoccurring characters. There is a great deal of interaction and communication in this show. Through body movements, facial expressions, eye contact, volume, and touch the emotions in this series is affluent. Other factors such as clothing, appearance, and colors also accentuate the feelings and overall atmosphere of Cold Case.

* The two main characters in Cold Case are named Lily and Valentine. They are detectives trying to solve a decades old murder of a debutante in “Debut”. The two main characters interview witnesses still living from the actual murder in order to attempt to find the murderer. The ongoing drama deals with an unspoken bond between Val and Lily and they frequently exchange glances that help to communicate the affection each has for the other. The outward message portrays that they are entirely professional but the non-verbal cues and body language oppose what is outwardly expected. Such an instance is when Val and Lily are talking to each other about a case and each smile at one another and eyes suggest a more personal relationship though not a romantic one. Every once in a while one character will touch the hand of the other or the arm in a comforting way.

* When murder scenes loom or a dreary atmosphere is presented the colors contained within the show dull down and become significantly less vibrant. While all the main characters are professional and dress accordingly there are small instances that Lily and Val add small additions and changes to their ensemble to reflect their moods. Val sometimes wears ties that compliment how he feels. Both maintain a professional appearance. The character of Lily is often...