The Out of Class Project

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The Out of Class Art Project

For my Out of Class Project, I want to try to advance into abstract drawing. I often find myself sitting in front of a blank sheet of paper, indecisive of what to draw even though I feel the urge to draw something.

The fact that I usually need something realistic to start of made me think about techniques to train myself in more abstract drawing techniques. For this to happen, I want to try something I was introduced a few months ago by my professor in Germany for which I didn’t have the time yet to really get into.

The technique includes blind drawing, which means that you would try to sketch something without looking at the paper sheet you’re drawing on and keep your eyes fixed on the drawn object. This would provide me with a base on which to start the abstraction process.

My aim would be to create something entirely different from the blind sketch, by reacting to the lines drawn on the paper and slowly creating an abstract drawing by connecting lines to surfaces to add perspective. Through this, I could improve my sense of composition and general contrast and texture distribution and could also work on my line style.

I plan to do a series of drawings, where the process of abstraction becomes visible and leads to a final larger drawing (maybe 1mx1.5). I would use different graded pencils and color in form of crayons and watercolor, if it helps to express my idea.