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The Outcomes of Overflowing Paranoia

In recent times, a new computer function has been developed from “Microsoft” in their “Windows” operating system targeted at parents, called Parental Controls. Parents are able to use that program to limit and view their children’s online activities. Some parents might think that this is a good way to supervise their children. However, young adults think that it is an invasion of their privacy. Parents think restrictions are needed to control teenagers, but what will happen to the teenagers when there are too many restrictions in whatever they are doing? Excessive control from parents may result in social withdrawal, being too dependent and rebelliousness among teenagers.

First and foremost, teenagers who deal with micro-managing parents tend to show symptoms of social withdrawal. As teenagers see their friends having things that they don’t or are able to do things that they are not allowed to, this will slowly lead to low self-esteem. For instance, if everyone around him has a cellphone while he doesn’t, how would he feel? To be the odd one out is not necessarily a bad thing but it takes a lot of courage to make good use of it. They will face a lack of confidence because of their inferiority among others. After a few failed attempts to make friends, an invisible ‘wall’ will form in between them and the society as they think that they are not up to other’s standard. Furthermore, psychological problems such as depression will be faced by teenagers that have difficulties in socializing. Thus, social withdrawal is one of the effects of excessive parental control.

Another obvious negative effect of excessive parental control is being too dependent on their parents. Some teenagers can’t even make simple daily choices by themselves without their parents deciding for them like what attire they should wear. Also, these teenagers usually have their future planned out by their parents, because they lack confidence in their...