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Singapore is a country that attracts tourists more than its own population and despite its small size; the city now has an array of attractive destinations. Singapore offers a wide range of tourist and business attractions to entice foreign visitors. It has now developed its land into a commercial hub for business travellers and a tourist place for leisure purposes. In addition, with its effective upgrade on infrastructure, diversity of the places and products it offers to catch up with tourists’ demands, Singapore has managed to switch itself from a poor development country to world‐wide competitor where tourists find fresh surprises and Singapore worthy of repeat visits. Singapore, as a travel destination can be traced back to its history. In the past it is being recognized as a natural choice for new port. Back in the 13th century, it is a harbour place for trading boats and merchant ships to concentrate at (Official Gateway to Singapore 2010). Later on when modern Singapore was founded in the 18th century, recognizing the immense potential of the swamp covered island, Singapore was then established as a trading station (NewAsia Singapore 2007).

With the increasing population and tourists visiting Singapore, tourism in Singapore now plays a significant role in the new creative economy and contributor to Singapore’s economic development (Ooi 2006, pp2). Singapore has been seeing an increase in the numbers of visitors since year 2000 even reaching an amount of 11641.7('000) in year 2010 (refer Appendix A). With the great increase within 10 years, Singapore realizes a need in raising its competitive edge. Today, Tourism is not simple but further complex in a way that planned tourism growth is needed to meet different needs and wants of tourists in order to keep this service growing.

Situated at the heart of Southeast Asia, well known for its highly educated, quality workforce and clean and safe environment, Singapore is the ideal place to work in. Meetings,...