Financial Management

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Report This Essay

Origin of the report

The Report is a requirement of the course of Financia Management. The topic of our Report has been duly approved by our course teacher, Md. Tapan Mahmud. The reason behind choosing this topic is to choose an investment (Risk Versus Return). This Report therefore shows how we can choose an investment option.

Objective of the report

General objective is to see that how we can choose an investment option based on risk and return to effectively make decision and assess the level of importance of risk and return of the stock/investment of two companies to choose the best investment.


The scope of this report is limited to the overall description of the company, calculation of risk and return of two Assets and decision regarding to choose best option.


The information used in preparing has been collected from secondary sources.

Secondary Sources

The secondary source includes:

* Books of Managerial finance.

* Website

Limitations of the study

* Delays in getting the necessary materials to collect information from different sources.

* Large-scale analysis was not possible due to constraints of data.

* Large-scale analysis was not possible due to constraints of time.

* Some parts on the report were written from individual’s perception and may vary from person to person, thus made hypothetically.

* Information provided by the concerned organization was not satisfactory.

* Some of the internal information is difficult to get.

Report Review

The report starts with all the information of Steps to select an Investment, Calculating Risk and Return, Analysis based on risk and return, Conclusion and Findings and Recommendation.

Steps to select an Investment

With a basic understanding of some key concepts, we can quickly and easily select investments that meet our needs. Following the simple steps outlined in this guide can help us become more confident with our investment...