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Genna Albert

ART 101 Art Appreciation

Instructor: Carrie Ann Wills July 23, 2012

Bramante is an interesting figure from the High Renaissance era and architecture in general. Although not as well know as many of famous architects of the time, Bramante is a very influential and important person in architecture. When you think about artists and architecture during the Renaissance period, you think of Michelangelo and Raphael but, Bramante worked alongside of them with just as much importance. When finding out his role in the design of the very impressive St. Peters in Rome you start to believe many people who claim he brought architecture to a whole new level. His influence can be seen though out Italy’s and around the world buildings even to this day.

Looking at all of Bramante’s work it is clear religion was a major role in his life and reflects how he lived. He traveled and saw so many new inspirations to create the divine imagery with architecture. The math he used to design churches has lasted all these years later. I could say they don’t make them like they use to. The Renaissance is always a major point in history and we always talk about the famous Renaissance men like De Vinci, Michelangelo, and Leonardo’s work. The lesser known Renaissance men are the pioneers that made the way for these artists to be what they are. Bramante is one of those men that help build the Renaissance one church at a time.

“Bramante, Donato (dōnä′tō brämän′tā), 1444–1514, Italian Renaissance architect and painter, was born near Urbino Italy, and this played an important role in his future work. His buildings in Rome are considered the most characteristic examples of High Renaissance style. In 1477 he painted frescoes in the municipal palace at Bergamo. In Milan and neighboring cities including Pavia and Vigevano, he executed paintings that recall...