Jesus and Mohammed

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Jesus and Muhammad

Carina Perez

Axia University of Phoenix

Jesus and Muhammad

From the time of creation religion has been part of human life. There are many religions and religious leaders in the world today. The two most influential religious leaders would be Jesus Christ, leader of Christianity, and Muhammad, Leader of the Muslims. People have gathered to follow and worship these men from the day they were born. The history and beliefs of Christians and Muslims have very parallel beginnings due to the fact that their religions where both started by a son of Abraham. For Christians it is Abraham’s son Isaac who was selected by god for Muslims his son Ishmael was the chosen one. In the Old Testament is speaks of a savior that would come to earth to redeem mankind of their sins and the New testaments contains the account of this saviors life, and gives his name as Jesus Christ. Muslims however believe Christ to be a prophet and not the son of god.

In the Bible it tells us the Christ was born in a small town in Bethlehem to Mary and Joseph. Mary and Joseph had traveled to the city of David to pay taxes and this is where Mary went onto labor. When the reach the city of David all the rooms of the inns where full so one inn keeper offered up his stable for shelter. This is where Jesus Christ the savior was born to a poor family in humble surroundings. Shortly after Christ birth an angel appeared to Joseph in a dream and warned him of King Herod and his plan find the child and kill him so Mary and Joseph took Jesus and fled to Egypt. After the death of Herod they returned to Jerusalem. By the age of twelve Jesus started to teach in the temple in Jerusalem and soon he had gathered twelve disciples and hundreds of followers. Jesus taught people about God is father and performed many miracles such as healing the sick, making the blind see, and feeding the masses from 5 small loaves of bread and two small fish. He taught to have faith in god and to believe in...