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The initial impression that one creates is based solely on their superficial characteristics. It is inevitable that as visual creatures, humans evaluate each other first by their appearances. These appearances generate a whirlwind of ascribed identities and perceived stereotypes. As humans, it is not unheard of to not accept each other; especially if we base their identity on the groups we categorize them in to. There are countless incidents where people are assessed and rejected because of the ascribed identity that is given to their identification. Inevitably, whether one chooses to or not to accept a person is defined by each individual.

Throughout life, each person makes a countless number of choices. These choices unavoidably shape the adults we grow up to be and the groups that we belong to. Some of the choices that we make are tied to stereotypes. Because of these stereotypes it can be difficult for others to accept the individual for the choices that they have made. Such choices include careers, character and various life choices. There are many careers that aren’t accepted by a large proportion of society. So much so that they are topics that rarely come up in conversations. Being a stripper, drug dealer, prostitute or escort are not life choices that one would exclaim and brag about. The judgmental views that are connected to such occupations are the reason why they are not widely accepted by society. The views associated with strippers, prostitutes and escorts are of vulgar and inferior nature. Condescending views would not be the same if one were to meet a stripper, not knowing that they were a stripper. Realistically, the disdainful perception come hand in hand with the identification of being a stripper. This idea is addressed by Barney’s situation in “How I Met Your Mother”, where he encounters a blind date with a seemingly ordinary girl named Quinn whom he starts to have feelings...