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Week 5 Written Assignment

Clinton Lawrence

MAT126: Survey of Mathematical Methods

Instructor: Layla Hedayat

September 3, 2012

After looking over the choices of problems to give my opinion on is the sixth question in the chapter twelve supplements. This question states that in an ad for moisturizing lotion, the following claim was made: “… It’s the #1 dermatologist recommended brand.” We are to answer the simple question that is, what is misleading about this claim?

When we look at this ad from a skin care product distributor you start to look at what the ad not only says, but also what it promises the user of said product. The first item of business that we notice is the quote “It’s the #1 dermatologist recommended brand.” Now this is all well and good, however the vast majority of lotion companies claim to have the number one skin care lotion so how does this one differ from those other brands, except maybe a different smell or price. To say that you have the number one of any product is usually just a marketing scheme to sell more by saying it is the best. This also covers the lie that I had mentioned If one company claims to hold the #1 spot then the best assumption is to believe them until you either notice the easy way or the hard way that it may not be in fact the “ #1 Dermatologist recommended brand.” Next time check more labels and don’t always believe what the promise. When trying to find out the misinterpreted data in this problem I have drawn the conclusion that this one is in fact a detached statistic it being the manufacture of the product tells you it number one when it may not be.

Part 2

Part two covers the even numbered question chosen from questions eleven through twenty-two. This one was harder to choose upon than the first part of this assignment. However after looking over each of them I found that number twenty-two the basis that it should be quite easy to break down an answer that most can comprehend. See in this question it goes as...