The Ford Pinto Case (Case Study)

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Case Study

The Ford Pinto Case

In the Ford Pinto Case Study, it seems clear that Ford management and its engineers did not intend to make an unsafe product, and that more than likely the outcome of their product resulted primarily from, the accelerated design and production schedule of the Ford Pinto. During an era in which the government safety standards of today were non-existent, Ford was not obligated to adhere to the safety standards in question regarding the Ford Pinto. This may have contributed to the business decision made by Ford management to produce, market, and sell the Ford Pinto. Additionally, the faulty cost-benefit analysis played a role as well. However, in our estimation, Ford management jeopardized the integrity of its own safety practices for the mere sake of profit. Not only did Ford vehemently disregard the industry’s safety standard for rear-end impact testing on the Pinto, but willing choose to subject its customers to the possibility of injury or death in their pursuit for a share of the small car market.

Fords ethical perspective falls in line with that of Utilitarianism, to which the decision made serves the greater amount of good for those affected by the decision, and views its actions as having no instinctive value even when considering the obvious consequences. Ford had several options at its disposal to prevent, minimize, and at least warn its customers of the potential harm associated with the Pinto. Despite these options, Ford chose not to even mention the potential for harm or death to its customers or the general public. Fords reluctance to do so was possibly due to the potential negative reaction the Pinto may have received from the general public. For whatever reason the decision was made to put the Pinto on the market, it was on that truly lacked the moral responsibility that we as the public should expect from individuals who literally have our lives in their hands.

If faced with this dilemma like the Ford executives...