Robin Hood Case Analysis

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Robin Hood

Colleen Meier

Robin Hood Case Analysis

Robin Hood is in the second year of his insurrection against the High Sheriff of Nottingham since King Richard has been imprisoned and there have been many troubling issues that include the progress of his campaign, the disposition of his forces, and the Sheriff’s recent moves. The revolt against the Sheriff became a personal crusade for Robin Hood and he allowed this anger to overcome his decision making abilities instead of concentrating on his strategy. Robin Hood began growing his band at a rapid pace, believing that there was strength in numbers. Robin Hood made all decisions and he delegated tasks such as intelligence, scouting, finances, and provisioning the ever increasing band of Merrymen to his lieutenants. Robin Hood needs to acquire a new strategy, one that adjusts to his changing environment and rally his Merrymen.

There are numerous issues that are hindering Robin Hood’s crusade and all of these issues need to be addressed. The biggest problem that Robin Hood has is he allowed his band of Merrymen to become too large. The overstaffed band has problems with there being sufficient resources such as food and money. The training and structure of the Merrymen has become an issue and veteran Merrymen were resisting change and being lazy. The veteran Merrymen did not want to stop stealing from the rich and were resisting changing to a fixed transit tax. Robin Hood is not able to conceal the bands whereabouts in the forest because of their size which is making them an easy target for the Sheriff. Another issue that Robin Hood faced was the decline in travelers using the forest because they were trying to avoid apprehension. The travelers are finding alternative routes around the forest, which is causing a decline in Robin Hood’s revenue stream. Despite Robin Hood’s overstaffed band the Sheriff still is powerful, stronger, and more organized. The Sheriff has more connections, more money, and more...