Tenure and Termination

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Tenure and Termination

Team: White Group

Jessica Alonzo, Teresa McNair, Marlene Armstrong, Nettie Melton

Grand Canyon University: EDA 555

July 5, 2012

Tenure and Termination

In today’s workforce, all educators seek job security/protection. In some states teachers are protected by teacher tenure; which in return grant job protection for teachers who have successfully completed the pre-requirements. The purpose for implementing teacher tenure was to protect the good teachers from being fired for non-work related issues. These issues are but not limited to personal beliefs or conflicts with administrators or school board members. As we all know, all state laws are different, however, all state laws pertaining to teacher tenure are written to cover the same grounds. One state that still honors teacher tenure is New Jersey according to Section 18A statue.

Many situations occur within the educational organization that threatens the jobs of educators. The current situation that exists is that allegations are made against a tenure teacher that he is dating an 18 year old senior. Now that administration must conduct an investigation to determine if the teacher has violated any rules, policies or procedures.

According to the Long Branch Public School District policy, when an administrator receives a report that a staff member may have engaged in conduct that is prohibited by the district’s policy, the superintendent must be immediately notified, so that an appropriate investigation can occur. Although both individuals involved in the scenario are consenting adults, the reported conduct between the teacher and student does not align with the board’s policy that, “School staff shall not engage or seek to be in the presence of a pupil beyond the staff member’s professional responsibilities…are advised to be concerned with such conduct which may include…communications…using text-messaging” (Long Branch Board of...